Scaling Lessons Learned at Dropbox

Rajiv Eranki:

I was in charge of scaling Dropbox for a while, from roughly 4,000 to 40,000,000 users. For most of that time we had one to three people working on the backend. Here are some suggestions on scaling, particularly in a resource-constrained, fast-growing environment that can’t always afford to do things “the right way” (i.e., any real-world engineering project ;-). If people find this useful, I’ll try to come up with more tips and write a part 2.

I don’t understand the majority of the information presented here, but it’s still interesting to read. I was particularly interested in this bit though:

Security is really important for Dropbox because it’s people’s personal files. But all services are different, and many security decisions will inconvenience someone, whether it’s a programmer or a user.

For instance, almost every website has a thing where if you enter in a wrong username OR wrong password it’ll tell you that you got one wrong, but not tell you which one. This is good for security because you can’t use the information to figure out usernames, but it is a GIANT pain in the ass for people like me who can’t remember which username they registered under. So if you don’t actually care about exposing usernames (maybe on something like a forum or Pinterest where they’re public anyway), consider revealing the information to make it more convenient for users.