Be the Cannonballer

There are some people who go through their entire lives waiting and watching to see what everyone else does. They predicate their actions on the success of others.

Does a venture look like a risky bet? Wait for everyone else to try it and then see what they’re saying afterwards.

Hit upon a new technique? Stand by and let someone else implement it first, then see if it was worth it.

Does the water appear cold? Nudge your friends into going in there first, then only go in yourself when it appears they’re not freezing.

Sometimes, the risk is worth it. Sometimes, you need to be the first one in there. You can’t always depend on everyone else to set the trends, because the trend-setters often enjoy success. Many times, they’re the ones who get to direct what’s going on—the ones who get to really lead.

Maybe this time, you have to be the one jumping into the cold water first. Make some waves and do a cannonball.