links for 2008-10-15

  • Another amazingly smart and well-fitting acquisition by Automattic. Having poll integration as part of and as an option for the self-hosted through a plugin is a natural fit.
  • What soup will you be making tonight?
  • The whole development, marketing, pre-release, and online resource availability of the ESV Study Bible is a perfect example of a bold step into contemporary, Internet-based marketing by people who really seem to "get it". The Online Study Bible (to which you receive access if you buy a hard copy) is an amazing idea and looks well-executed. You can look at the entire book of Matthew without paying a dime.
  • I've tweeted about this before; OpenID is basically useless to the vast majority of people so long as the login procedure includes typing a URL instead of just a username or an email address. I have attempted to use OpenID several times in the past and always come away frustrated because it's just too much work for not enough payoff.