We’re Still Around

Especially if you’ve been reading what my wife has been posting over the last couple of months, I’m sure that anyone who normally would read this has realized that things have been a touch busy for us recently.

Stuff that’s been going on in the last six weeks or so:

  • The product I work on is gearing up for a re-launch, including a total Web site redesign that I was happy to take charge of, utilizing WordPress MU as a platform (my first significant experience working with WordPress as a CMS)
  • A couple of other things went live this past week I’ve been working on
  • We’ve begun to see significant improvement in Caleb’s speech and behavior patterns since he started occupational and speech therapy
  • The two older kids started school and are doing amazingly well and are too smart for either myself or their mother
  • Rock Band 2 *and* the Burnout Bikes Pack came out, severely crippling my free time
  • My second Xbox 360 bought it and is now on its way to Texas to be repaired, causing my free time to suddenly open up again (it couldn’t handle the rocking out)
  • and various other things have been going on

I am starting to work on a couple of more exciting side projects right now that I hope to be able to share with you in the near future. The exposure I’ve had in the past couple of months to WordPress and to WPMU has been very educational and has dramatically increased my Web development skills. I’ve even managed to catch up on CSS (my skills were really rusty).