in Fails, Markel!


I arrived at Chicago O’Hare airport this morning as my layover only to find that my flight home to St. Louis was cancelled. So instead, I’ll be sitting here trying to fly standby on every flight for the rest of the day. (The first guaranteed seat I have isn’t until tomorrow morning.)

So let’s test Liveblog!

Want to ask me a question about basically whatever? WordPress? WordPress imports? Life? Work? Fighting games? Other games? Send me a tweet or a comment on my Facebook post and I’ll try to answer your question here.

Otherwise, you get whatever I want to talk about. Good luck.

Ryan Markel 4 December 201615:48

They found him. I’m sitting in a plane seat now, so time to call this a live blog. (Unless something crazy happens.)

Ryan Markel 4 December 201615:35

Well, United doesn’t know where our flight’s captain is, which is par for the course at this point.

Ryan Markel 4 December 201615:23

Now I just hope this flight makes it out of here.

Ryan Markel 4 December 201615:22

Ryan Markel 4 December 201615:12

I would so buy a Power Stone remaster.

Ryan Markel 4 December 201615:11

I think I understand poverty Melty Blood setups now and why FGC peoples keep them around everywhere.

Ryan Markel 4 December 201615:09

Realistically, I should know if I’m getting out of here on the next flight within the next 20 minutes or so.

Ryan Markel 4 December 201614:58

Chicago, oddly enough. Even though it would mean putting up with Chicago sports fans.

Toronto is a close second, followed maybe by Lisbon, but I need winter in my life.

Ryan Markel 4 December 201614:56

(makes the sign of the cross in Canada’s direction)

Ryan Markel 4 December 201614:51

“Sunday Bloody Sunday”.

Ryan Markel 4 December 201614:49

No, because Halak is secretly not that good.

Ryan Markel 4 December 201614:47

This new Twitter account (not mine) is already awesome:

Ryan Markel 4 December 201614:44

Transformers. This is not even in question.

Ryan Markel 4 December 201614:43

O’Hare has very few good floor napping spots. It’s like the anti-Pearson.

Ryan Markel 4 December 201614:39

I feel this way often

Ryan Markel 4 December 201614:19

I do wonder how many people who are supposed to be on this flight to St. Louis for which I am on standby are coming in on other connecting flights that won’t make it here on time. Probably more than one.

Ryan Markel 4 December 201614:10

Oh, and I love Momochi’s commitment to the community and helping newer and younger players. He’s basically the reason I am playing Ken while I wait for Sakura to show up at some point.

Ryan Markel 4 December 201614:09

Capcom Cup thoughts:

  • Pretty fitting that for the first year of that game the finals came down to Mika v Chun.
  • Having a US vs. US winner’s final as well as Grand Finals was pretty amazing. I don’t think it says anything about the larger situation regarding that game and how it has been released or received, but more that NA players are organizing better and leveling up more.
  • Du worked hard, studied matchups, had at least two good characters to play, and had a lot of tournament momentum going in to CapCup. I don’t think anyone should be surprised that he won it all.
  • It will be interesting to see how the Capcom Cup circuit grows and in which direction they decide to take it. Theoretically, they could add MvC3 next year, which would have a benefit of adding interest for Infinite. I don’t think they will, though, mostly because it would add questions regarding why they aren’t doing Ultra 4 as a CPT game.
  • I love the FGC. Watching and paying attention to Twitter even though I was in a hotel in a city far from home was a lot of fun.
Ryan Markel 4 December 201613:55

Seriously: it’s like Cowboy Ken from SF4 just wasn’t awesome enough, so they decided to Santa-fy it. I want to get better at this game just so I can body fools while looking so ridiculous.

Ryan Markel 4 December 201613:51

It is entirely possible this is the best Ken costume in the history of Ken costumes.

Ryan Markel 4 December 201613:36

I feel like the use of toilet seat covers requires a special type of paranoia that I’m just not ready to subscribe to.

Ryan Markel 4 December 201613:22

Airports are weird because my flight is cancelled, and there is another flight here at this gate coming up that is really delayed, but the flight assigned here right now is boarding right now and will be leaving on time.

Ryan Markel 4 December 201613:19

This is of course the “O’Hare Dilemma:”

Do I stay here all evening and go from standby flight to standby flight, hoping to get home at some point today, or just give up and book a hotel room and then get back here at 5 a.m. for my guaranteed flight?
I feel like rolling the dice and risking having to stay up all night in the terminal is the better option, but there’s plenty of time yet for me to regret that decision.
Ryan Markel 4 December 201613:15

A CPD officer was kind of a jerk to me earlier when I tried to make small talk, so I guess some things about Chicago never change.

Ryan Markel 4 December 201613:04

Erick asks:

Is the weather bad enough that driving home isn’t an option? Seems reasonably close that that would be an option instead of waiting until tomorrow.

It’s about a four-and-a-half hour trip, and really it’s more of a logistical problem than anything else (finding a rental desk with available cars, doing a long-distance rental – which an airport desk might not be prepared to do, then finding the correct drop-off near my home).

And in weather like this, I am a lot more concerned about other drivers than about myself. It would be precipitation all the way, including some possible mix/ice between here and home:

Ryan Markel 4 December 201612:59

At Automattic, our seven-year anniversary gift is a pair of Sennheiser Momentum Wireless headphones with WordPress logo customization:

They are pretty rad so far. Good noise canceling that doesn’t mask too much when people are speaking to me, great sound and response, twenty-some hours out of a charge. Has a cut-off cable, so I can use them with my 3DS as well as my phone.

Ryan Markel 4 December 201612:54

At least right now, there are seats available on my first standby flight, so I’m moderately hopeful I’ll still be able to leave this afternoon.

As long as *that* flight isn’t cancelled as well, I suppose.

Ryan Markel 4 December 201612:48

Gabriel asks:

What’s your take on traveling with a gaming console? It seems too complicated to me, and I’m usually not in my hotel that much. It’s also one drink away from being a $400 mistake.

I generally only travel with one when I’m driving somewhere or to the company meetup, where I know it will get a lot of use (and the company will help me fix/replace it if something weird happens to it).

Otherwise, I would generally only do that if I’m going to a fighting game event. I have my 3DS with me for most business trips.

Ryan Markel 4 December 201612:43

Ken asks: “Do you get access to a fancy United lounge that us common folk wouldn’t otherwise get to see?”

I do not; not unless I want to pay United $50 for the privilege.

Ryan Markel 4 December 201612:42

Ryan Markel 4 December 201612:42

Ryan Markel 4 December 201612:42

Ryan Markel 4 December 201612:42

Ryan Markel 4 December 201612:42

Ryan Markel 4 December 201612:41

Ryan Markel 4 December 201612:39

I fixed it! OK; now to catch you up.

Ryan Markel 4 December 201612:38

Testing once more.