WordPress Imports – Any Questions?

If you have worked with me in any professional capacity as a member of the WordPress.com VIP team, you’ll know that one of the things I have focused a lot of my time and attention on are data migrations using the WordPress import and export tools, and troubleshooting things along those lines.

I submitted a talk to WordCamp US regarding imports about which I have not yet heard, but even if I don’t get to make that talk, I’d like to work on a series of posts discussing things that can go wrong with imports or things that are challenging with them, just to raise awareness of these things.

At a certain scale, imports are usually done with SQL, but working with the WordPress import tools at scale has taught me some things that I believe will be valuable to WordPress imports at all levels. I have some topics already in mind that I want to approach, but for anyone who reads this or sees the tweet that I’ll push out about it, I want to ask and invite comments (or blog posts elsewhere you link me to!):

Are there any aspects of WordPress imports you’d like to see me address in these posts?