浴衣 musing

I was thinking “hey, what if I bought a yukata to wear to the Japanese festival this year at the Botanical Gardens” and then my brain went “is this the first step down the dark path that leads to becoming Steven Seagal”


Committing to the Action

Screen Shot 2015-05-24 at 2.58.56 PM

Well, now I’ve done it.

Guess I’ll have to start learning how to play this thing when it gets in. (Sadly backordered in this color.) Anyone be interested in watching some fool learn how to play guitar live on the internet? Because I’m debating broadcasting my experience with Rocksmith when I get it going.


Civil Footnotes GitHub Fork

With the recent implosion of the unofficial GitHub mirror of the WordPress plugins directory, one of the plugins I install on pretty much every site I use—Civil Footnotes—ended up without a GitHub-hosted version.

I’m starting to use Git submodules to manage plugin installations and updates, so to make this easier on myself I forked the plugin to a GitHub repo earlier today.

I can’t promise I have the technical skill to update the plugin or approve any pull requests for it, but you’re welcome to it if you would like.


Alex Myers on 1.04 Sakura

Alex Myers says that the main change he’d make to Sakura would be to have her do “slightly less damage in order to give her a better fireball/zoning game.”

I’d argue that a Sakura with a strong zoning game who does less damage is just Ryu with a better tatsu. :) Part of the reason I play Sakura is that I’m not by nature a rushdown player and she forces me to be more versatile.

That said, the changes in Ultra 1.04 are great for Sakura. Not having the EX tatsu (the standard combo opener because it’s safe on block) fly over heads is huge.


Prodigal Laptop

I finally have my laptop back after a couple of weeks out of the house for a warranty repair on the Retina panel (I was seeing light leak spots in one corner of the screen).

It’s kind of interesting how fully I had adapted to not needing to be sitting at my desk to do computer-y things. Without my main laptop, I wasn’t able to relocate even within my own home, to say nothing of having the ability to work elsewhere.

I will say that Colorware (the company that customized my MacBook Pro) was aces with the support and warranty service. I wish they had communicated where I was in the process a bit more, but they hardly even asked questions about the return and it’s awesome that they stand by their customization work with a full year’s worth of warranty—since they are voiding the Apple one when they take your system apart to create the logo insert and paint it.

This should also mean some additional blog posting and testing now that I can more easily do those things in the evening. :)


Quick Changes

I’ve moved my hosting and am doing some testing with it, so you may notice some weirdness when you visit for a bit. If you do, please take the time to let me know.

On the other hand, if you see this message, that means you’re hitting the correct site. :)


No Bach at the Sem for me this year.

Sadly, I won’t be joining my comrades in the American Kantorei this year in performing the Bach at the Sem series of concerts. I’ve been performing with them on and off for the last thirteen years, and for the last three years in a row, but the rehearsal and performance schedule just didn’t line up with what I could commit to.

I am disappointed to be missing out, but I wish them all the best and hope that this year (the first with a new Director after a long search) will be fruitful and produce more of the finest of music.


Red October 2014

As I write this, the Cardinals are sadly losing the first game of the NLCS to the Giants, but no matter. It’s yet another postseason here in St. Louis, and I thought a new header image was in order.

It’s the most beautiful ballpark view that exists.


Tell Me About Your Indispensable Programming Reference Books

At the suggestion of some colleagues that it’s a good instructional volume, and having heard that it was a fairly indispensable reference to have on hand, I purchased and am currently working my way through Mastering Regular Expressions.

(Let’s just say there was a moment this week where this stuff made sense, and I really want to hold on to that as much as I can.)

Is there a book or two that you use on a regular basis or that made something with which you had trouble suddenly make sense? Online resources are OK, too, but I’m looking for things that address stuff like programming concepts, tools, or languages. Tell me about those books or resources in the comments.


Dear Titanfall

Dear Titanfall,

I’m sorry I cheated on you with Dark Souls II tonight. I love you and you are very exciting, but Dark Souls II and I have something special. It’s a horrible relationship, I know; Dark Souls II wants nothing more than to kill me over and over and over and over and over again, and then kill me again when I do my corpse run to get those souls back.

It’s an abusive relationship, but the fact of the matter is that I’m going to need to split my time between the two of you. I’ll let Dark Souls II beat me up and make me feel like I don’t know how to play video games, and then come back to you when I need to feel like a badass for an hour or two.

Don’t worry; as you can see, I still need you in my life. It’s not my fault you both moved in the same week.