Work is good

Work is good.

It’s not exactly what I thought it would be based on the job description, but i would say that no one should take that as a bad thing.  It’s definitely more work than I thought it was going to be at first blush, but keeping me busy is usually something that people need to try and do, so I’m not complaining about that.

That, and it’s nice to have a job with a regular schedule, and get paid to the point that it looks like we don’t (in general) have to worry about basic needs anymore.  We can get by, and we don’t have to be nervous about whether or not we are going to be able to pay bills.

I am thankful for that peace of mind in more than one way.

I went from basically being a software tester to being a product manager in the span of about two weeks or thereabout.  What happened is that I started asking a few questions that didn’t have any answers, and when it came time to figuring out who was going to anser them, the basic response was that I was going to be the one who was going to do so.

Neat-o.  So I’m now basically the guy in charge of what’s called Lutheran Service Builder, and it’s a software product that scheduled to come out sometime in the late part of this year.  There’s a lot going into its development as an application, and a lot of work that needs to be done in testing and promoting and all kinds of areas that I didn’t originally think I was going to get into, but now it’s kind of exciting to be able to flex a little bit and work into all different areas of the existence of the product.  I think the end goal is that I will be the ultimate “go-to” guy when it comes to the product, and that is perfectly fine by me.  I’ll even get to use my mad presentation skills sometime this summer when we begin making presentations on what it is and how it works.  It’s very exciting.

I have more to say about other things, of course – including the demise of my couch – but I will get to those in other posts tonight.


WordPress 1.5 final released.

As announced here, the final version of WordPress 1.5 has been released.

This site has been operating with the beta versions of 1.5 for some time – even when it was still 1.3 – and I can fully recommend it, especially over and above 1.2; it’s a pretty big step up in terms of functionality and coolness factor.

If you are using WordPress 1.2, I would suggest you go ahead and move to 1.5 as soon as possible. Be aware that the default site template has been changed, but the updater should move your old template into a new directory and transition you into the new system with ease. There’s a lot of neat things that work differently in 1.5, and a lot of new features that are really useful – many of them are detailed on the linked post.

If you are at all interested in blogging, and use a different system, I would encourage you to move to WordPress and use it as your primary system. I have been operating with it for quite some time now; probably about a year; I used Movable Type before that, but Six Apart sold out, so I decided to move elsewhere. If you need assistance with setting up a WordPress installation, or even are a friend of mine and need a place to host it, I would be more than willing to help you out with that.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go and install 1.5 final myself over the nightly build I’m using now.


Viva WordPress!

WordPress just closed an ordered list tag I left open without me having to do anything.




I just got an e-mail back from the WordPress team (wow, was that fast!) confirming that there’s a break with ecto’s compatibility, and that they will be checking it out in the nightly builds to see what’s caused it. Good thing – I thought I was just insane, because I couldn’t find any reports of similar behavior at all on the web.

Might just be because I use nightly builds and most people don’t.


Another switcheroo.

Well, I’m now toying with WordPress instead of Movable Type, which was actually fortunate, since I didn’t have to do any work to move my old MT posts over to this new format.

It’s once again a stock design, at least until I go ahead and finish up the sermon I’m working on at the moment, so you’ll have to put up with that until I get the free time to change things.

I have to say that I rather like WordPress, though – especially from the administrative side – now if only they could get a stable, cross-platform blogging API out the gate, I’d be a happy man.


i’m moving this thing – so please follow me if you can

Well, I’ve decided that LiveJournal really doesn’t offer me what I would like as far as features and ease of use (or extensibility, for that matter), so what I’m going to do is move my journal over to <a href=””>Movable Type</a>. Since I have my own webspace and it’s fairly easy to set up and use, I’m going to slide it over there and will make entries on a regular basis, of course.

I can even control the content as much as I want and change things around without the goofiness of the current LJ interface – and I don’t have to pay anything more than what I’m already paying for webhosting.

For now, you can reach the site at

and read up on what’s going on.

If you’d like to keep me in your LiveJournal friends list, I have a syndication feed available for you all to use. It will take one RDF point from your LJ account (if you don’t know what those are, don’t worry about it), but you’ll be able to receive at least the headlines and the opening of my entires, and then you can check the full thing if you want. It’ll fit neatly into the interface for friends you already have.

Just add <lj user=”markelblog”> to your friends list. If you check the LJ user, you’ll get a journal with a blank template and just headlines, but if you add it as a friend, you’ll get the full feed.

I’ll keep up with you all by friends view, and try to poke my head in as often as possible (I use LJ for syndication viewing myself).

See you there.


I Figured I’d Go Ahead and Start This Up.

Well, I’d been looking at this place for a while now, and figured that I’d go ahead and start up one of these journals, mostly because my personal website is still a few months off, and partly because I will not give this journal information out to everyone on the planet (who can look at my personal website anytime they want).

I’ll have to do the niceties later (picture, etc.), but for now, this will do.

There’s not much else to say right now – I will have to come back to this later tonight.