Evo 2014 Google Calendar Schedules

I like the schedule that’s posted by SRK, but having it ready on all my devices is even better. I whipped up a set of Google Calendars for just this purpose, so I’d like to share them here.

Official Streams

srkevo1 schedule • iCalendar • XML
srkevo2 schedule • iCalendar • XML
capcomfighters schedule • iCalendar • XML

As always, remember that anything can and does happen at Evo, so there is likely to be some schedule variance that isn’t reflected on these calendars. The official schedule was posted here for reference.

Side Streams

madcatz scheduleiCalendarXML

If you need to report a problem with the calendars or have a suggestion that could make them more useful, please fill out this form and I’ll check it out. If you have a sidestream going and I can post your calendar here as well, let me know that, too.

Say Thank You

If you found these calendars valuable, and you’d like to say thank you, you can drop me a donation by clicking here. If you want to say thank you without using money, I’d appreciate a follow on my Twitch channel.

UPDATE 6/8 @1630: Google Apps for Domains is being fickle about how public these calendars are, so I’ve gone ahead and moved them over to my public Google account. If you have subscribed to them already, please delete the old ones and use the updated links above instead. Sorry about the mess.