Curriculum Vitae

Professional Experience

Automattic (Fully Distributed)

Director of Special Projects, WordPress VIP – August 2023—Present

Lead of a small team focused on troubleshooting and iterative improvement throughout the WordPress VIP customer success organization. Working to create and refine methods and processes for identifying, prioritizing, and working to systematically eliminate poor and poorly-scaling processes, while building communications bridges throughout the organization to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of collaborative communication.

Constantly shipping and enabling a team to ship iterative improvements that create outsized impact and help teams focus their attention on what matters.

Interim Head of Global Application Support, WordPress VIP – May 2023—August 2023

Temporarily led a core 40-plus-person support team for Automattic’s enterprise WordPress customer segment. Maintained and improved key support metrics, performance targets, and measurement categories. Actively cultivated, demonstrated, and maintained a culture of action and continuous improvement across a team of four regional leads and one operations lead. Developed successful and repeatable methods for managing internal communication, including up-reporting to C-suite executives and up-reporting from direct reports in leadership. Served as a key escalation point of contact for customer stakeholders.

Director of Support—Americas East, WordPress VIP – March 2019—May 2023

Director of support for the eastern half of the Americas at WordPress VIP, focused on implementing divisional strategies and helping teammates to find their focus and excel in their positions. Developed, coached, and led a consistently-recognized, high-performing, cross-functional team of support staff and support engineers. Shipped templates for bringing regular and expected performance review to the 1:1 process, several updated and upgraded processes and workflows for individual support work, and support interaction quality review processes.

Interim Head of Global Application Support, WordPress VIP – May 2021—November 2021

Temporarily responsible for leading both an individual team and a team consisting of lateral lead colleagues. Launched continuous quality improvement efforts for the WordPress VIP organization, to find iterative improvements to processes and systems to improve the customer experience. Contributed to setting, tracking, delivering, and reviewing divisional OKRs across two quarters. Planned, led, and executed successful initiatives in improving support ticket backlog counts and response times.

Support Engineer, WordPress VIP – September 2013—November 2019

Front-line support for Automattic’s Enterprise WordPress offering. Answered and triaged customer incident tickets, performed debugging and investigative work on customer issues, contributed to peer leadership of other support engineers, developed workflows for ticket acceptance and escalation, and defined most aspects of the job role from its inception through to the present.

Happiness Engineer, – January 2010—September 2013

Front-line support team member for the network of blogs, including first-line customer interactions, support, and problem solving. Sub-focus on policy enforcement, documentation and process improvement, and anti-spam.

Concordia Publishing House (St. Louis, MO)

Research and Development Coordinator – January 2009—January 2010

Company-wide technology advocate and evangelist. Assisted print publishing departments in investigating and reviewing digital go-to-market strategies. Collaborated with engineering teams to initiate product development and planning. Oversaw corporate blogs implementation and creation; engineered company podcasting initiative. Worked with both video and audio production of various resources.

Technical Support and Training Coordinator – January 2006—January 2009

Paired with development teams to perform QA and testing during pre-launch phases of a digital hymnal platform. Helped establish early agile development practices and install logic for packaged product. Evangelized using open source platforms and products to solve problems and communicate with customers.

Performed basic technology analysis and strategy advisement. Researched and reported on trends and technology feasibility of implementation. Co-developed product technology standards for all multimedia products and served as committee chair.

 training workshops;
 support via phone and email; 
point between 
corporate staff; collaborated with programmer on creative direction and integrating
 customer feedback.


Evolution Championship Series (Las Vegas, NV)

Volunteer Coordinator – August 2023—Present

Coordinated assignments and coverage plans for Evo’s 250-plus-member volunteer corps. Contributed to overall operations strategy, including redesigning and iterating on live-event bracket logistics, for one of the largest esports events in the world. Refined and improved processes for gathering and analyzing post-event volunteer feedback for further improvements in upcoming years. Retained responsibilities from previous position.

Volunteer Pipeline Coordinator – August 2022—August 2023

Responsible for creating a top-tier experience for volunteer bracket referees at the largest fighting game esports event in the world. Assisted in managing and moderating the tournament Discord server, triaging and responding to incoming inquiries from tournament and event staff. Co-developed the onboarding meeting for Volunteer staff, educating bracket referees at Evo on best practices and expectations. Developed successful new tracking system for managing bracket check-out and turn-in, as well as rewards program execution.

At the live event, responsible for resolving or escalating tournament disputes as they arise, and triaging staff and attendee inquiries to best resolve issues.

Tournament Organizer/Game Lead – August 2019—August 2022

Co-led tournament logistics and bracket supervision for two games with several hundred competitors each. Served as customer service representative for player grievances and bracket volunteer escalations.

Combo Breaker (Chicago, IL)

Head of Registration Ops – May 2023—Present

Tournament Staff – May 2017—Present

Frosty Faustings (Chicago, IL)

Tournament Operations Staff – January 2018—Present

American Kantorei (St. Louis, MO)

Member, Board of Directors – May 2017—Present

Standing board member, involved in budgeting, resourcing, and planning discussions. Technical advisor regarding web and other social presence. Participant in most aspects of non-profit steering and fundraising to bring the music of JS Bach to the St. Louis community free-of-charge.

Vocalist – September 2001—Present

Tenor chorus vocalist, specializing in the works of the baroque and of Johann Sebastian Bach in particular.

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