Talkin’ TWAB: Infusions, I Guess?

So, uh, well… Bungie didn’t give me a lot to write about this week. Most of what they had to say wasn’t about anything game-related. The real post they made this week is the one on Solstice of Heroes.

You can find the TWAB here, I guess? To break it down, here’s the important stuff you should know.

In-Game Events Schedule

I hope you are finishing up what you need from the Faction Rally, because this is the last one for Season 3. Get those ornaments. Here’s the schedule for the rest of the season:

  • 24–30 July: Faction Rally Victory Week
  • 31 July–27 August: Solstice of Heroes
  • 28 August–September 3: Iron Banner (This is an educated guess.)
  • September 4: Forsaken launches.

When Forsaken launches, I’ll be running the stream hot, maybe with an all-nighter to gather some donations for Extra Life. I hope you’ll stop by.

Update 1.2.3 Weirdnesses

Bungie shared some bug reports from the most recent patch, released this Friday. Look out for some things:

  • Requirements for earning Prestige ornaments for the Eater of Worlds armor set aren’t appearing correctly, but according to Bungie, they are still being tracked. You’ll need a clear of each Leviathan Challenge plus a clear of Eater of Worlds on Prestige to get the full ornament set.
  • The 400-level weapons earned in Prestige Raid Lairs can’t be infused into other weapons, even other raid weapons you already own. The exception to this is exotic weapons, but you need to be careful with this, because:
    • If you infuse a 400-level weapon into an exotic weapon, that weapon won’t be equippable unless you own the Warmind expansion.
    • The 400-level exotic then becomes infusable into any legendary weapon, but if you do this, the weapon will only be boosted to 385.

Basically, don’t infuse the 400-level weapons from the Prestige Raid Lairs into anything, and you’ll be fine.

[checks notes]

That’s it for this week, sadly—a fairly information-free week in the TWAB. As for me, I’ll be finishing up the grind for Future War Cult this week to snag my last faction Masterwork catalyst, and then working on some stuff to help folks out with getting Moments of Triumph done for the year.

If you need help with getting things done, consider reaching out and joining the group I’m on in the100. You can sign up for that service here, and find the group I run activities and teaching runs with here.

Otherwise, keep an eye out for more, either on my Twitter feed, or by following my Twitch channel.