The Co-Op Game Recommendation Thread

I have had a great deal of fun with co-op games in the past few years, with highlights being the Covert Ops stuff in Call of Duty, the Gears of War series in campaign, and most recently with Saints Row: The Third.

When it comes down to it, I find that I would rather play a game that way than just about any other, so my lazyweb request for today:

Recommend to me an Xbox 360 game that has an amazing co-op experience.


  • Not a Gears, Halo, or CoD title.
  • Not being a first-person shooter makes it better in my eyes but not required.
  • Has to be for Xbox 360.
  • Can’t be 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand (already covered and because it’s too awesome for mortal man).


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  1. I know you prefer not-FPS, but playing Borderlands in the same room as my brother was probably the most fun I’ve had with the 360. I only wrote a gajillion “I Live On Pandora” posts while playing. However, YMMV, etc. It is very repetitive and loot is totally random. All the brown probably won’t be doing your eyes any favours either :(

    I’ll RT and see if other people can help you out with other suggestions!

  2. I recommend the multiplayer in Red Dead Redemption. It’s decent, plus the Old West makes for a nice twist of things.

  3. Want a fun co-op experience that isn’t an FPS? How about Scott Pilgrim VS. the World? Maybe some ‘Splosion Man? I thoroughly enjoyed those titles with my girlfriend. However, I must warn you that ‘Splosion Man can become a bit frustrating towards the later levels.

  4. +1 to RDR, though if you play straight multiplayer, be warned: I have never, EVER seen such a collection of psychos and absolute sociopaths in my entire life. They take the term “Wild West” to an absurd extreme. It ends up being Red-Dead-Get-Griefed-By-A-Racist-Trope-Spewing-14-Year-Old-Using-Exploding-Sniper-Bullets-From-1500-Meters-Away.

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