WordCamp Montreal Presentation Video

The presentation I gave at WordCamp Montreal about self-hosted WordPress vs. hosting your blog on WordPress.com is now available:

I was pretty happy with the presentation overall, but there were a few wording choices that I immediately would have changed. When I used to do this public speaking thing multiple times on the same topic in a row, I loved the ability to change things that didn’t work or didn’t make it over as I had planned between presentations. The presentation would get sharper even an hour after giving it the first time (also a benefit of memorizing your talk).

And this presentation became the basis for my colleague Hugo‘s presentation on the same in Lisbon (his slide design was much better).

If you have any questions or comments you can either leave them here or on the WordPress.tv post.

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  1. hehe, your base was essential! Without it I would have had a much harder task – thank you!

    Now I’m converting it all to spanish for tomorrows WordCamp Sevilla presentation – I’ll have to post it all soon :)

    (Now, let me look at the video!)

  2. Thanks for sharing this. It really helped solidify the reasons for self-hosted and wordpress.com blogs.

    A question: is there a way to have multiple rss feeds from one WordPress.com blog? I ask because right now I am maintaining 2 (with another soon) interlinked sites for my church (I’m a music director, not a web designer or anything, so wordpress.com is great for me) and if we were to pay the money to have a custom domain, I thought we could avoid paying it 3 times if I could put more rss feeds onto the site.

    I should explain: 1 site is the sermon blog, so the rss feed goes to iTunes, the second is our main church website, which uses rss for bulletins and newsletters, and the third will be one for our Early Childhood Center. Any help you could give would me appreciated. Thanks!

    1. You can indeed utilize more than one RSS feed for your site on WordPress.com. These feeds are automatically generated and you can control them using the categories and tags on your site.

      Just take the slug WordPress uses for the category you want to track and then add /feed/ after it. For example, if you want an RSS feed of the posts on my blog that are in the “baseball” category, you can use this:


      This applies to any of the taxonomies that are in use on your blog.

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