Movember 2014

Here is day one of my Movember. If you are interested in donating to our team at Automattic you can do that here.


Working at Automattic is pretty much the gig of a lifetime. It’s the future of work: you can build your schedule as needs dictate, you get to work from anywhere, you can take time off as you need to attend to various needs and life events (for instance: I take all family birthdays off and … Continue reading Vacation


I won’t lie; this is a proud day for me. My first commit to Hopefully the first of many. And then the next step is to have my first accepted patch for WordPress itself.

VIP Workshop 2014 Recap

My colleague Sara just posted the “official” recap post for this year’s VIP Workshop, which I attended and at which I learned quite a bit and had a great time. A quote from the writeup that stood out to me: We again had some great flash talks from VIP clients and partners, and this year’s presentations … Continue reading VIP Workshop 2014 Recap

Four Years

About five years ago, I took a chance and sent in a cover letter and too-thin resumé to the email address And then I did it twice more over the succeeding months. A little over four years ago, two gentlemen named Michael Pick and Matt Mullenweg took a chance and gave a guy with … Continue reading Four Years