Cord Cutting Thoughts

The Markel home has been free of traditional pay TV for about a year-and-a-half now, and we’re hoping not to go back anytime soon. Historically, we have bounced between having it and not having it, but I’m hoping that we’re at least close to done with it now. We have some basic family desires for … Continue reading Cord Cutting Thoughts

Waiting for Novembermas

I love the start of a new console generation. It’s full of weirdness, great ideas, fun, and mistakes. In a lot of ways, you don’t know what you’re going to get. And this time, the competitiveness between the console providers has never been more fierce, so as consumers, the theory goes that we all win. … Continue reading Waiting for Novembermas

PS Plus on Vita? Yes, Please

PlayStation Blog: PS Plus will offer exclusive discounts and bonus features for both PS Vita and PlayStation 3 members. In addition to online storage for game saves, automatic updates and Trophy synching, PS Plus members will get access to the Instant Game Collection, a constantly updated library selection of games, starting when the PlayStation Store … Continue reading PS Plus on Vita? Yes, Please

We Interrupt This Game

Jim Sterling: You can’t count on a publisher to be original or inventive when it comes to our entertainment, but they always seem brilliantly innovative when it comes to selling us more crap. Sony is today’s bright little star, having patented a way to inject commercial breaks into your play sessions. Sigh. As if the … Continue reading We Interrupt This Game