iOS 7 Wallpaper Size

John Carey at 50 Foot Shadows: All in all it seemed obvious to me that whoever at Apple was working on the effect found the ideal amount of give to the parallax panning to get a natural feel and set the dimensions of new desktop images to fit this ideal down to the pixel. Therefore, … Continue reading iOS 7 Wallpaper Size

The Nightjar

To colleagues or anyone else who might be traveling in the near future and would enjoy a good and somewhat unusual game on their iOS device: try The Nightjar. It’s a rather different audio-only experience. The only video components are your controls. Headphones required. :)

iPhone 5 Wallpaper Pack at 50 Foot Shadows

My go-to source for great background images and just-plain-stellar photography, John Carey has posted a series of images cropped for the new iPhone screen size on Fifty Foot Shadows. If you like nifty images you should add his site to your RSS feeds.

Super Mass Effect Black Hole

…that sucks all the money out of my wallet, that is. Maybe this guy is in charge of the Mass Effect 3 marketing plan. Here’s a trio of stories from Joystiq today: The Mass Effect series is hitting iOS devices with Mass Effect Infiltrator, coming to iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch soon, EA announced. Infiltrator is a third-person … Continue reading Super Mass Effect Black Hole