iOS 7 Wallpaper Size

John Carey at 50 Foot Shadows: All in all it seemed obvious to me that whoever at Apple was working on the effect found the ideal amount of give to the parallax panning to get a natural feel and set the dimensions of new desktop images to fit this ideal down to the pixel. Therefore, … Continue reading iOS 7 Wallpaper Size

The Nightjar

To colleagues or anyone else who might be traveling in the near future and would enjoy a good and somewhat unusual game on their iOS device: try The Nightjar. It’s a rather different audio-only experience. The only video components are your controls. Headphones required. :)

iPad on the Wimbledon Anchor Desk

I was just tickled that this is basically the only thing on the desk. It’s amazing how quickly iPad has become essential for lots of people. Make sure your product works on one.

Super Mass Effect Black Hole

…that sucks all the money out of my wallet, that is. Maybe this guy is in charge of the Mass Effect 3 marketing plan. Here’s a trio of stories from Joystiq today: The Mass Effect series is hitting iOS devices with Mass Effect Infiltrator, coming to iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch soon, EA announced. Infiltrator is a third-person … Continue reading Super Mass Effect Black Hole

Introducing Sencha Touch (via Sencha Blog)

Today, we’re overwhelmingly, insanely, ridiculously excited to introduce Sencha Touch, the first HTML5 framework for mobile devices. We think it’s the first cross-platform framework that builds web apps that make sense for mobile devices. It comes with a comprehensive UI widget library, complete touch event management with CSS transitions and an extensive data package. This … Continue reading Introducing Sencha Touch (via Sencha Blog)

Apple Design Awards (from WWDC10)

The Apple Design Awards 2010 recognize iPhone OS applications that demonstrate technical excellence, innovation, superior technology adoption, high performance, and outstanding design. Each year, winning products set new standards for the developer community to follow. Read about what made this year’s winners stand out above the rest. Well-deserved, though I think there are too many … Continue reading Apple Design Awards (from WWDC10)