Chris Carpenter’s Likely Out for All of 2012

Joe Strauss for the Post-Dispatch: Carpenter, 37, acknowledged last Friday that he would continue to throw until it became clear there was no hope of soon returning to the Cardinals’ rotation. Carpenter said if he reached such a point he would consider other options. Surgery is among them. Resistant to surgery when the same condition forced his shutdown in August 2008, … Continue reading Chris Carpenter’s Likely Out for All of 2012

MLB Generations Commercial

It’s designed to pull at you, but the music selection is perfect and the message is one that means a lot to me: Baseball is something we share with our parents and children—that connects us as family. I love that this commercial isn’t just small kids but older generations as well.

Team Toasters!

In case you ever wondered how fanatical baseball fans can be, this is from the front page of the Cardinals page of the MLB shop: