Gatekeepers No More

A fascinating article on about “Wool,” which launches in print today after already having made the author a millionaire on digital sales alone: Hugh Howey’s postapocalyptic thriller “Wool” has sold more than half a million copies and generated more than 5,260 Amazon reviews. Mr. Howey has raked in more than a million dollars in … Continue reading Gatekeepers No More

Bookworms, Part Two

This time, I’m a couch. And yes, I’m wearing lounge pants. I work at home and it’s a Friday – so what?


Abby has a library book, Joshua has his LEGO magazine for this month, and I’m sitting here reading my iPad. At least we’re pathetic together as a family.

Let’s Watch Where This Goes

Barnes and Noble just opened a digital audiobook store. From Publisher’s Weekly: Barnes & Noble has taken another step in deepening its role in the digital marketplace, launching its Audiobook MP3 Store on Barnes & The store will feature spokenword audiobook MP3s available for download and transfer to iPods, iPhones, MP3 players and other … Continue reading Let’s Watch Where This Goes