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  1. I feel this way right now learning JS. I took all three Code School courses and can do semi-neat things like make a rock/paper/scissors game, but it’s hard to translate that into “Ok, I’ll do something actually useful now.”

  2. What you need is a mentor! Somebody who can listen to your stated objectives — say, getting better at understanding JS and how it interacts with the DOM — and can pick a project to work with you on to build your skills while working towards a tangible goal. i.e. “Let’s solve this WP bug that involves JS.”

    I suck at teaching myself stuff. I have mastered learning from others. You’ve always been more self-sufficient than I have, but your frustrations sound awful familiar to mine, and I think buddying up to an expert on an task-by-task basis (one person for JS, one for PHP, etc) would really help by removing the “I don’t know where to start” and “I have to learn it all before I can understand any of it” roadblocks that you’re hitting.

  3. You definitely aren’t the only one that has had feelings like this. For myself, I find that the more I learn, the more I realize I don’t know. That can be disheartening, intimidating, and downright frustrating at times. But it’s also a hell of a motivator.

    I know for myself, taking a step back and looking at the things that I do know and have learned is helpful. You said it yourself; you went from not knowing what wp-cli is, to using it every day. And you’ve only been working with VIP for a relatively short timeframe. You will continue to learn, and before you know it, things that once intimidated and frustrated you will become second nature.

    You will never know everything. But that’s okay. It’s the “wanting to learn more” part that is important.

  4. Having a mentor is a great idea. Also pair programming is one of the best ways to learn and better understand languages, frameworks, and development tools.

  5. I felt like this when I first started my trial, and I feel this way again now that I’m working in a different area of support. It is really hard to figure out where to start — I start to focus on one thing, and then I get all distracted and worried that I should be learning more about something else first. If you figure out the secret, let me know! ;)

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